This is me, creative,

communicative and always

full of ideas. I am a friendly and a sunny person :)


Hi, hey and hello, welcome to my website and my life, where Art an Design is required. I am Nathalie Köslin, but everyone calls me Nathy, this is my nickname.

I live in Germany,in a small village with nice scenery, near the Swabian Alb.

There are landscapes with sunlit woods, fields and horses.


To Painting is not only a hobby for me, it is my great passion. Some years ago I studied Graphic Design in Ulm. Now, in my leisure time, I am working as a freelance Illustrator.


You can watch and buy my lovely pictures by juniqe.com or by dawanda.de -> nathys grapefruit illustration.


Best regards and enjoy the site

Nathy :)


DesignMesse UlmUnusual 2017

Messe: DesignLiebe Ulm 2016

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